Pies, pies and more pies

Well, we did it, we played le Romandie and despite the fact that we looked a little bit nervous on stage, it all went well, thanks to all the people who were there. Our dear friend Mr Chant came all the way from Bristol to see us play, and, most important, he had in his luggage those delicious pies we used to eat when we were recording…

Mmm, minty lamb pie with mushed potatoes and gravy, how delicious!

While you digest, here’s some reviews (mostly in French) of No Stone Left Unturned :

24 Heures
Le Matin
Le Nouvelliste
La Gruyère
Lords Of Rock

EDIT: Last Friday, Jeremy and Guillaume where interviewed by Mr. Sutter for Radio Paradiso. Listen to the show online (around 26:00).

That’s it for now. Zurich is our next target, beware!

A quick one

We’ve added some shows in the german part of Switzerland, check the shows section. And our new album is featured in “le microsillon du jour”, the podcast of Yann Zitouni of Couleur 3. You can download it here or subscribe here.

See ya!