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Some news from Rosqo’s headquarters

By The Lake

Our series of spring shows is over and we would like to thanks all the people that came to the shows, it’s been a wonderfull time. We had lots of fun playing the new songs (and the old ones too!). If you’ve missed us, don’t worry, we’ll play more shows next autumn.

We also had a lot of fun with our friends of Beautiful Leopard, To The Vanishing Point, Favez and Magicrays. It’s great to play and hang around with such cool bands, even when the venue is not crowed.

In other news, ABKCO (the company who owns the rights of the Rolling Stones) send us an email saying that the Stones wanted our Jumpin’ Jack Flash cover to be removed from YouTube. Maybe they didn’t like the accent in Guillaume’s voice or Sandro’s jumps on stage…

Anyway, we decided to remove the video from YouTube because we don’t want to be on bad terms with Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie. We also removed the other covers we did for the Lôzane’s Burning (RATM, Rod Stewart and Led Zeppelin), cause YouTube threathen us to delete our account. Apparently, ABKCO are quiet famous for being intransigent. Corporate rock sucks.

Anyway, enough with the copyright debate, now it’s time to head for Paleo. On your mark, get set, go!